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N281 Wednesday, 13 December, 2006
Social Firms?
  • Nobel Peace Laureate Wants "Social Firms"
  • Can be Seen as a New Way to Recognize Intangibles
  • Would Require a Special Legislative Framework
  • Worth Considering
N280 Tuesday, 12 December, 2006
  • Government Presents State Ownership Policy
  • No Stock Options, Limited Bonuses
  • New Document to Define State's Strategy
  • No State Inc
  • Firms to Notify Before Closing Plants
N279 Friday, 1 December, 2006
More Doors Closing
  • Government Presents Subsidy System for Renewables
  • Higher Power Demand from Petroleum Industry Projected
  • Coal Power with Capture Emerging as new Option
  • Increasingly Hard to Define a Rational Energy Policy
N278 Monday, 20 November, 2006
The Progress Party's Call
  • Opposition Parties Present Budget Alternatives
  • Conservatives, Liberals Aligned on Tax Policy, Research
  • Christians Only Symbolically Aligned, Propose Small Changes
  • Progress Party Spends NOK 23 Bn More than Government
  • Progress Party's Theory and Practise Inconsistent
  • Must Improve Its Act to get in Touch with Other Non-Socialists
N277 Sunday, 15 October, 2006
Time to Choose
  • Minister Presents More Details on Feed-In for Renewables
  • Design Different from Expert Study's
  • Discussion Missing
  • Proposal to Parliament Later this Year
  • Time to Choose One System; Capture at Least has Some Upside
N276 Monday, 9 October, 2006
Best of Times
  • Moderately Expansive Budget
  • Tax Increase Completed
  • Extra Half Billion from Creative Items
  • Extra Revenue from Bondevik's Policies
  • Likely to Disappear as Taxes Hurt Incentives
  • High Local as Well as Global Business Cycle
  • Sick Leave Problem Still Unresolved
N275 Wednesday, 20 September, 2006
Genie Without Magic
  • High School Students Reject Science
  • Not Good for Expressing Ideas
  • Scientists Seen as Isolated Nerds
  • Reflects General Dichotomy between Science and Society
  • Rationality Needs Better Philosophical Foundation
N274 Friday, 29 September, 2006
Making Ownership Matter More
  • Fund-in-Funds for Promoting PE Funds
  • Encouraging Import of Human Capital
  • More Arguments for Removal of Capital Tax
  • Proposal to Cut Company Tax
  • What's the Best Tax Package for More Value Creation?
N273 Friday, 15 September, 2006
State Inc?
  • How to Make the State a Better Owner
  • Is "the State's Ownership Centre" a Good Solution?
  • Similar Proposals Turned Down Many Times Before
  • Willoch: Would Become a Major Concentration of Power
  • Impossible to Find Good Solution Except Less State Ownership
N272 Wednesday, 6 September, 2006
Ownership Matters II
  • Individuals Best at Profitability
  • Foreign Owners Best at Growth
  • Multi-Firm Owners More Like Corporate Owners
  • Holding Back on Profits to Achieve Long-Term Growth
  • State Ownership Poor or Average
  • Owners' Competence and Motivation Crucial
  • Owners Should Match Firms' Changing Needs
  • Ownership Changes Enhance Value Creation
  • Foreign Takeovers Mostly Beneficial
  • Low Norwegian M&A Activity Abroad
N271 Wednesday, 6 September, 2006
Ownership Matters I
  • New Seminal Book on Ownership in Norway
  • Individuals Own More of Firms than Expected
  • Norwegian Firms Not Very Internationalised
  • Norwegian Investors Not Very Active Abroad
  • Imbalance of Acquisition of Emerging Knowledge Firms?
N270 Tuesday, 1 August, 2006
Red, Green - and Yellow?
  • Labour Woos Christians
  • Minister Proposes Alliance in Parliament
  • Christian Rank-and-File Tempted
  • Makes No Sense for Either Side
  • Real Purpose to Prepare Backup for Left Socialists
N269 Saturday, 29 July, 2006
Promises, Promises
  • Red-Greens Need More Money
  • Pressure to Break Tax Commitment
  • Homes and Interest Shelters Tempting
  • PM, Labour Resisting
  • Centre Party Minister Indicates Election Promises are Worthless
  • Operation With Farmers Allows Additional Tax Increase for Others
  • Can We Expect More of the Same Creativity?
N268 Tuesday, 4 July, 2006
Desirable Failures
  • Cluster Theory Becoming Broadly Recognised
  • Covered By "Market Failure" in Modern Neo-Classic Theory
  • To Be "Corrected" By Active Policy, If Necessary Even Tax
  • Problem: "Failure" is Desirable
  • Verification Required
  • Econometric, Empirical Verification - Which to Trust?
  • Shipping Tax Commission Majority Refuses to Recognise Shipping Cluster
  • Contrary to Expectation, Empirical Evidence, Econometrics
  • Discussion About Decisions Under Uncertainty, Lobbying
N267 Saturday, 1 July, 2006
Fiscal Imperialism
  • Business Warns Against CFC Proposal
  • Breaks With International Practise
  • Violates Tax Agreements, EEA/EU Rules
  • Competitive Handicap for Norwegian Firms
  • Probably Impossible To Implement Anyway
N266 Tuesday, 27 June, 2006
Majority for Minority
  • Most Review Statements Support Shipping Industry
  • Important Contributions From NHO, LO, FNH, OLF, Veritas
  • Two Ministries Taking Opposing Sides, Others Silent
  • West Coast Politicians Confirm Cluster Effects
  • Most Political Parties, Government, Already Committed
  • Main Challenge to Avoid Impression of "a Political Thing"
N265 Friday, 15 June, 2006
  • Feed-In the Most Expensive System
  • Likely to Cause Target Over-Run
  • Feed-In Promotes Industry Development, But Hard for Latecomers
  • Promoting a Hydropower Cluster Makes No Sense Unless Size is Allowed
  • Simple Bidding System Better If New Program Can't be Avoided
N264 Friday, 15 June, 2006
Unnecessary and Wasteful
  • Government Increases Renewables Target
  • Creates Fund for New Renewables
  • Annual Returns Into Enova's Budget
  • Feed-In System to Encourage Wind and Small Hydro
  • Target Already Set Much Too High
  • Everything is Overkill, Gas Power Will Do
N263 Monday, 22 May, 2006
Revenues Growing
  • State's Tax Revenues Continue to Grow
  • 6% Growth of Onshore Tax Revenue Above Wage Growth
  • Major Part Explained by Increased Employment
  • Must Include Many Voluntary Non-Employed Seeking/Getting Work
  • Indicates Tax Cuts May be Self-Financing (or More)
  • More Research Required
N262 Friday, 12 May, 2006
Wallet, Heart, Or Mind?
  • Conservatives in Crisis Open Convention
  • Solberg: Less About Money, More About Values
  • Young Conservatives: Aim at Cooperation With Progress Party
  • Foss: Closer to Socialists on Finance Policy
  • Brende Discards "Neutral" Industry Policy
N261 Thursday, 11 May, 2006
No Easy Fix
  • Preliminary Findings on "Value Chain" released
  • Next Power Crisis in Finnmark
  • Gas Power Projects Lined Up if the Government Pays
  • Coal Boss Wants Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Can Everything Fit Into "Value Chain"?
N260 Thursday, 4 May, 2006
Promising Power
  • PM Promises Funds for Another Two Gas Power Plants
  • Turnaround: Priority for Skogn Project Over Tjeldbergodden
  • Hopes that CO2 for EOR Will Pay for Everything
  • Gassco Identifies Eleven "Value Chains", None Profitable
N259 Tuesday, 2 May, 2006
A Third Voice
  • Kydland to Lead Project on Fund Privatisation
  • "Citizens Better Caretakers"
  • Conservatives, Progress Party Positive
  • Finance Minister Negative
  • Project Likely to Transform Political, Professional Paradigms
  • "Third Voice" Between Orthodoxy and Populism
N258 Tuesday, 25 April, 2006
Shipping Fallacies

Discussion paper by Gunnar Frognes attached to commentary.
  • Shipping Tax Commission Analysed by Gunnar Frognes
  • Profitability Should Reflect Use of Currency
  • State's Liquidation Profit Equivalent to Petroleum Revenue
  • Ties to Equipment Suppliers Without Direct Trade
N257 Tuesday, 21 March, 2006
The Third Factor
  • Shipping Tax Commission Misses Knowledge Factor
  • Narrow-Sighted Cluster Theory
  • Misleading Use of Empirical Studies
  • Full Picture Must Include the Petroleum Cluster
N256 Friday, 17 March, 2006
All or Nothing
  • Polarized Shipping Tax Commission
  • Majority Back to Fundamentalism
  • Weak Point: Will Investors Remain When Industry Departs?
  • Minority Wants to Follow Europe, Sweden
  • Political Majority Indicates Support for Commission's Minority
N255 Wednesday, 1 March, 2006
Sweden Follows Europe
  • Swedish Commission Proposes European Shipping Tax
  • Norwegian Commission Due Shortly
  • Complicated Politics and Professionalism in Norway
N254 Friday, 10 February, 2006
Completely Green Must be Green Enough
  • Opposition Demands Green Certificates System With Sweden
  • Government Unable Due to Incompatibility On Hydropower, "Green Heat"
  • Soria Moria Declaration Requires Very Limited Hydropower
  • Certificate System Never Efficient Under Any Circumstances
  • European System Years Off; Could Benefit Norway
  • Why Have Conflicting Programs When Everything is Green Anyway?
N253 Monday, 30 Januar, 2006
Ownership for Innovation
  • Owners Drivers for Productivity
  • Restructuring, Endogenous Improvement Equally Important
  • Enough Capital, Not Enough Owners
  • "Fund-in-Fund" Recommended as Instrument
  • Important to Attract Headquarters
N252 Monday, 30 January, 2006
Competition Neutrality?
  • Economists Discard "Competition Neutrality"
  • But Other Countries' Framework Conditions Not Irrelevant
  • Should in Particular be Considered on the Frontier of Innovation
N251 Monday, 16 January, 2006
Active Neutrality
  • Economists Discuss Industry Policy
  • Neutrality Ex Ante or Ex Post?
  • Knowledge Externalities, Cluster Theory Accepted
  • Innovation Policy Beyond Neutrality