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P112 Wednesday, 5 December, 2001
A Gasled II Without Incentives?
  • "Gasled II" - Incentive-Based or Traditional Utility?
  • Why Expect That Oil Companies Will Remain Owners at 7%?
P111 Saturday, 1 December, 2001
A New Balance
  • Merger May Strengthen Suppliers' Market Position
  • Next Step to Focus on Petroleum Tax
  • Aker Maritime a More Active Upstream Actor?
P110 Friday, 23 November, 2001
  • What do We Want With the Norwegian Companies?
  • Privatizing Petoro the Logical Step in the Long Run
P109 Monday, 19 November, 2001
Fragile Symbolism
  • OPEC Pressure For Production Cuts
  • Norway: Symbolism Not to be Inflated
P108 Wednesday, 31 October, 2001
Childhood's End
  • Close Encounter of the Second Kind
  • Yukos With Allies Could Reach Approx. 40%
  • Yukos to Lead Russia Out of the Jungle - To Do What?
  • Is This Fire Big Enough For a Reality Check?
P107 Monday, 29 October, 2001
Skjelbred and Håbrekke
  • Brit Skjelbred New MPE Deputy Minister
  • Øyvind Håbrekke New Advisor to the MPE Minister
P106 Friday, 19 October, 2001
  • Einar Steensnæs (Christian) Minister of Petroleum and Energy
P105 Thursday, 4 October, 2001
Petroleum at Sem
  • Sanner, Kvassheim, Steensnæs Mentioned for MPE
  • Snøhvit Not Endangered
  • Tougher on Environment for Petroleum Industry
P104 Tuesday, 18 September, 2001
Lip Service Only?
  • Limited Enthusiasm for SDFI Offers
  • No Preferences for Hydro; Bidding for All Sales
  • Area Restructuring Dumped in Petoro's Lap
  • What Happens to Diversity as Fiefdoms Grow?
P103 Monday, 17 September
Lex Snøhvit
  • Snøhvit: Accelerated Depreciation Proposed
P102 Wednesday, 29 August, 2001
A Super Value Creator?
  • Statoil/MoF Back to Tariff Solution for Snøhvit?
P101 Tuesday, 28 August, 2001
The Worst Option
  • Finance Minister Considers Increased Petoro Stake in Snøhvit
P100 Friday, 10 August, 2001
  • OLF Says "General Meeting Clause" Should Be Removed
  • Convoluted Voting Rules Turning Into Anomalies
  • Standoff Makes Normalization Difficult
  • Minor Issue Still Under Consideration
  • What are the Implications of Statoil's and Petoro's "Common Owner's Strategy"?
P99 Monday, 16 July, 2001
Understanding Zero
  • Pollution Authority Says Statoil Does Not Understand Zero
P98 Wednesday, 11 July, 2001
A Century of Opportunity
  • NPD: Oil for 50 Years, Gas for 100 Years
  • Resource Estimate Up 60% Since 1990
  • More R&D, Positive Attitudes Required
  • Club of Rome Revisited
P97 Friday, 6 July, 2001
Tailor Made
  • Petoro CEO from Esso
P96 Monday, 2 July, 2001
Job's Journey to End?
  • Increased Uplift Proposed to Solve Snøhvit's Problems
  • The Beginning of the End to MoF's Tax Paradigms?
P95 Wednesday, 20 June, 2001
Well Done
  • Statoil IPO Complete Success
  • What Next for Statoil - and the MoF?
P94 Wednesday, 30 May, 2001
Exit GFU
  • MPE Announces Termination of GFU
P93 Wednesday, 23 May, 2001
The KAF Won't Lie Down
  • Majority Agrees to MoF's Capital Expense Distribution Rule
  • No Change of Consolidation Rule
  • MoF Firm on Resource Rent Theory; Parliament Ambiguous
P92 Thursday, 10 May, 2001
Don't Panic
  • EU Commission Leaning on Oil Companies
  • GFU Likely to Go
  • Multiple Issues Possible Subjects to Current Norwegian-EU Talks
P91 Thursday, 10 May, 2001
  • Brit Rugland Chairman for new "Gasco AS"
P90 Tuesday, 8 May, 2001
  • Gunnar Gjerde Acting Director General
P89 Monday, 7 May, 2001
  • Tore Sandvold Chairman of SDFI Caretaker Company "Petoro a.s"
P88 Friday, 4 May, 2001
Uphill Struggle.
  • Statoil Buys NOK 38.6 Bn Worth of SDFI
  • 6.93% of Troll Major Prize, Significant Gas Equity Transfer
  • Prospects Good for Restructuring of Tampen and Halten Areas
  • Everything to Be Paid For, No Contribution in Kind
  • Frognes: Creating Value An Uphill Struggle
P87 Friday, 27 April, 2001
Final Scene
  • MoF Confirms Uplift Not to Be Touched
  • Parliament Decides on Statoil Part Privatisation and SDFI Reform
  • OLF: Back to Start, But New Investment Needs Incentives
P86 Wednesday, 25 April, 2001
Full Retreat
  • Uplift Demolition Probably Dropped, Statement Expected Thursday
P85 Tuesday, 24 April, 2001
Parliament Resists
  • Centrist Parties Won't Buy Tax Proposal
P84 Friday, 20 April, 2001
Fit for a Dream Friend Only
  • OLF Says Proposal Will Add NOK 16-18 bn to Tax Burden
  • System Would Become Less, not More Neutral, Killing Profitable Investment
  • Norwegian Companies and Others May Face Special Tax on Imaginary Income
  • MoF System Will Only Attract Imaginary Newcomers
P83B Thursday, 19 April, 2001
Petroleum Tax - Update
  • OLF Letter Available
P83 Thursday, 19 April, 2001
Petroleum Tax - Flash News
  • OLF Opposes All Proposals
  • Parliament Undecided
  • Political Parties May Make Commitments by Tuesday
P82 Monday, 9 April, 2001
  • Industry to Respond to Radical Tax Proposal Three Days After Easter
  • MoF's Proposals the Opposite of What Parliament Asked for Last Week
P81 Friday, 6 April, 2001
KAF Still Looming
  • Tax Proposals 27 April
  • Interest Distribution Only at This Time
  • KAF Model May Still Loom Over Summer Sales
  • Easter Vacation Probably Gone for Industry's Taxmen
P80 Wednesday, 4 April, 2001
Clear Instructions
  • Latest News: PM has Probably Finally Disciplined MoF
  • Committee: Priority to Restructuring, Caution About Gas Equity
  • 33% Privatisation Not Final Limit
  • Caretaker Company Authorised to Swap and Sell
  • Unanimous Committee Says Fiscal Reform Must be Positive
  • MPE Told to Go Ahead With New "GasLed"
P79 Monday, 2 April, 2001
Stoltenberg's Two Faces
  • MoF Needs Another Month to Prepare Petroleum Tax Change
  • Long Term Plan Indicates that the MoF is Still Ignoring Objections
P78 Friday, 30 March, 2001
  • Kyoto Protocol Dead
  • Crocodiles Shedding Tears at Funeral, Not Likely to Remain Faithful to the Deceased
  • Empty European Threats About Trade War With the US
  • Norwegian Climate Guru Says Kyoto Should be Scrapped
P77 Thursday, 29 March, 2001
Consensus and Flexibility
  • Four Parties Agree on Statoil/SDFI
  • Consensus, Still Flexibility for the Future
  • Akselsen, Sanner Emerging Strengthened
  • Petroleum Tax Their Next Challenge
P76 Friday, 23 March, 2001
Old Debts and New Opportunities
  • North Sea Round Professional, Not Political
P75 Thursday, 22 March, 2001
First Swing
  • New Contact Labour/Non-Socialists
  • Centre Party Forced Labour to Open for Better Balance
P74 Wednesday, 21 March, 2001
  • Labour Won't Compromise on SDFI
  • Proposals Could Pass With Changing Majorities
  • MoF Could Rock the Boat
P73 Friday, 16 March, 2001
Cheney Takes Control
  • Bush Says CO2 is Not a Pollutant
  • New DOE Institution to Study Climate Change
  • Cheney Taking Control, EPA Leader Chastised
  • No Haag Follow-Up Until July
P72 Friday, 9 March, 2001
Troll Vs Tampen
  • "Between 5 and 10%" SDFI Sales Suggested
  • Professor Says Privatisation Sequence is Reversed
  • Does Gas Equity Compete With Restructuring?
  • Gas Transport Company Out of Danger
P71 Tuesday, 5 March, 2001
Demanding Capital Markets
  • Gunnar Frognes: Increasing Demands from Capital Markets
  • Investment Less Connected to Oil Price Variations
  • ROR Requirement Increasing
  • Even More Important for Norway to Remain Competitive
P70 Tuesday, 27 February, 2001
Keep it Cool
  • Premature to Assume 10% of SDFI to Hydro/Internationals
  • Labour Still Under Internal Pressure
  • Nothing New on Petroleum Tax
P69 Tuesday, 20 February, 2001
Missing More Points
  • Gjedrem Warning Against "Dutch Disease"
  • Warning Relevant in 1974, Less So In 2001
  • Industry Doesn't Need to be Considered an Economic Liability As Well
P68 Monday, 19 February, 2001
Missing the Main Points
  • Central Bank CEO "Understands" Limitations to SDFI Sales
  • Christians' True Agenda Still Uncertain
P67 Friday, 9 February, 2001
For Your Blue Eyes Only
  • MoF Agrees to Keep Snøhvit LNG Plant Outside Petroleum Tax
  • Could be Worthless Since Other Tax Parameters Just as Important
  • Large Uncertainty About Pricing of Gas to Shore
P66 Monday, 5 February, 2001
Safe Harbor
  • Chances for "Mickey Mouse" Company Dwindling
  • New Gasled May Become Safe Harbor for Ambivalent MPs
P65 Thursday, 1 February, 2001
Statoil and DONG
  • DONG-Statoil Equity Swap Unlikely
P64 Monday, 22 January, 2001
Towards a Broad Majority
  • Christian Spokesman: Four-Party Petroleum Policy Compromise
  • Statoil/SDFI: Conservatives Want To Go Further
  • Government Probably Flexible
  • Statoil Effort to Retain Gas Transport Operatorship
P63 Thursday, 11 January, 2001
First Round to MPE
  • NOU 2000:18 Shelved As Such