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N112 Friday, 21 December, 2001
Who Are They?
  • Jagland Declares War On Secret Back-Stagers
  • Duty to Party and Norwegian Democracy Not to Surrender
  • But VG Says Jagland Plans to Resign With Political Parachute
N111 Monday, 17 December, 2001
Labour's Detente
  • Jagland Into Neutral on Re-Election
  • Stoltenberg: Labour's Turf is Centre-Left
  • Governments Should Have Firm Foundations in Parliament
N110 Thursday, 13 December, 2001
Same Procedure
  • Coup-Like Appointment of Labour Top Secretary
  • For Which Purpose; By Which Forces?
  • Jagland, Stoltenberg Preparing for War - or Not?
N109 Sunday, 2 December, 2001
Moral Bankruptcy
  • A Session in the Moral Probate Court
N108 Thursday, 29 November, 2001
The Illusion of Dual Choice
  • Hagen Forced to Support Budget
  • Hints About Labour Deal Next Year - Risk of New Yo-Yo Policy?
  • More Creativity Can Reduce Distance to Progress Party
N107 Tuesday, 27 November, 2001
Let the Market Take Over
  • Kværner Should File for Bankruptcy
  • Free Bidding for Kværner's Viable Parts Best for Employees and Technology
  • Røkke Serves National Interest Best By Voting No
N106 Monday, 12 November, 2001
A Good Start
  • Coalition Increases Tax Cuts to NOK 12 Bn
  • Double Tax on Dividends, Air Travel Tax, Investment Tax to Go
  • Extensive Program for Privatization
  • Balance Untouched - So Far
  • Progress Party Wants More - "Foreign Spending Budget" the Solution?
  • From Politics to Policies - Professional Strategy Plan Required
N105 Tuesday, 23 October, 2001
Dynamic Bondevik
  • New Government Means Shift to the Right
  • Kvaerner's Predicament May Be a Cloud With a Silver Lining
  • Sem Statement Ties Government to Cuts and More Efficiency
  • Hard to Avoid Progress Party in Budget Deals
  • Better to Give Hagen Respect than More Money
N104 Tuesday, 16 October, 2001
  • Friendly, But Non-Committing Answers From Bondevik
  • 17 Out of 19 Progress Party County Boards Say Yes to Bondevik
  • New Government Could Take Office on Friday
  • Labour Down to 19% on New Opinion Survey
N103 Friday, 12 October, 2001
  • Progress Party's 54 Questions
  • Siv Jensen Leader of Finance Committee
N102 Thursday, 11 October, 2001
Problems Compiling
  • Labour Budget: Increased Expenditure, Minor Tax Relief
  • Bondevik: Our Job Will Be Difficult
  • Progress Party Postpones Endorsement, Wants Concessions
N101 Tuesday, 9 October, 2001
  • Comprehensive Political Platform for New Government
  • "New Oil Money" Shared Equally Between Tax Relief and Expenses
  • Balancing the Economy a Major Challenge
  • Industry's Challenge Is To Help With Creativity
  • Better Frame Conditions for Petroleum Cluster
  • No Real Problems for Snøhvit/Barents Sea
  • Progress Party To Give Its Answer Tomorrow
  • Rumours that Stoltenberg May Resign Anyway
N100 Monday, 8 October, 2001
The New Centrism
  • Coalition Gives Presidency to Labour
  • Hagen Humiliated, Will Still Recommend Government Change
  • Parliamentarism the Truly Humiliated Party
  • Does the Conservative Party Want to Be Centrist?
N99 Wednesday, 3 October, 2001
Cooperation Government
  • New Government Expected 16 October
  • Agreement on Main Issues; Document Ready Within a Week
  • Ministerial Appointments Still Speculative
  • Carl I Hagen President of Parliament If He Wants To
  • How to Contain Inflation With Tax Relief and Increased Expenditure
N98 Monday, 17 September, 2001
Non-Socialist Progress
  • Bondevik Indicates Most Issues are Negotiable
  • Liberals Likely to Join, Ask for Three Seats
N97 Friday, 14 September, 2001
  • Christian and Conservatives in Preliminary Talks
  • Centrist Coalition Formally Dissolved
  • Liberals Wanted, Decide on Monday
  • Gas Power, EU Possible Stumbling Blocks
  • Christians Suggesting Conservatives Should Go Alone If Talks Fail
N96 Tuesday, 11 September, 2001
Conservative/Christian Government Likely
  • Conservatives and Left Socialists Win Election
  • Labour's Result Lowest Since 1924
  • Majority of Conservatives, Christians and Progress Party
  • PM Stoltenberg Won't Resign Voluntarily
  • Liberals 2500 Votes Short of 4% Limit
  • Centrist Coalition Declared Dead
  • Early Coalition Conservatives/Christians Likely
  • Impressing Recovery for Progress Party
N95 Friday, 7 September, 2001
  • Several Parameters Steering Likely Government Solution
  • All of them Cliff-Hangers
  • Labour Weak, SV Strong, Other End Run Trends Uncertain
N94 Thursday, 6 September, 2001
Master of Chaos
  • Centrist Government Back on List of Possibilities
N93 Wednesday, 5 September, 2001
Vital Clarification
  • Progress Party Says It Could Support H/KrF Government
  • Stoltenberg Not Adverse to Govern With Socialist Left Party
  • Clearer that Centre party as Tie-Breaker Means Most Difficult Situation
N92 Tuesday, 4 September, 2001
Value Destructors
  • Socialist Left Party Could Save Labour's Government
  • Says Offshore Investment Must Down
  • Wants Us to Work Only Six Hours
  • Increased Tax on High Incomes and Capital Returns
N91 Friday, 31 August, 2001
A Red Cabinet?
  • Lab/Con Still Tied
  • Socialist Left Party Emerging as Third Party
  • Pressure for Red Coalition
  • Power Struggle Over LO Between Labour & Socialist Left Party
  • Towards More Polarized Politics
  • Coast Party Could Provide Another Surprise
N90 Monday, 20 August, 2001
The Silly Season
  • Lab/Con Tie
  • "Tabloidised" Debate Changes the Climate
  • Value Creation Pushed Into the Background
  • Centre Party Takes New Left Turn
N89 Friday, 10 August, 2001
Fighting the Trap
  • Petersen Challenges Stoltenberg on Value Creation
  • Stoltenberg Tries to Unnerve Conservatives
  • Stoltenberg Wins TV Duel, Survey Says
  • Petersen Wins, Web Voters Say
N88 Friday, 3 August, 2001
Labour's Trap
  • Labour Gains From Summer Offensive
  • Bondevik Punished for Cooler Attitude to Conservatives
  • Stoltenberg Sets Trap for Petersen, Will He Avoid It?
  • Who Are This Election's Safe Havens?
N87 Sunday, 17 June, 2001
How To Try Without Really Succeeding
  • Move State Capital Into Private Markets, Economists Say
  • Non-Socialists Negative to KAF Tax
  • Aker, Telenor, Statoil, Storebrand, Norske Skog
  • Waiting for The New Norwegian Paradigm
N86 Tuesday, 12 June, 2001
Be Nice to Those You Pass...
  • Conservatives Emerging as Largest Party
  • Labour Discards Centrist Alternative
  • Centrists Breaking Up On Issues
  • Conservatives Firm on Commitment to Christians and Liberals
  • Christians Agree To Reduce Top Tax
N85 Tuesday, 22 May, 2001
Pest Or Cholera
  • Bid War Over Storebrand
  • SAS Eats Braathens
  • Politicians Giving Pension Fund's Commerciality A Kiss of Death
  • How Much Must We Suffer Under State Capitalism?
N84 Tuesday, 8 May, 2001
Back In Show
  • Conservatives, Labour Meet at 26.5%
  • Bondevik: No Centrist Coalition if Beaten by Conservatives
  • Conservatives' Chance to Surf Long-Term Trends
N83 Wednesday, 2 May, 2001
Political Gravity
  • Christians Preparing for Coalition With Conservatives
  • Progress Party Adjusting to New Realities
  • Labour Appearing As Disintegrated as Ever
N82 Thursday, 5 April, 2001
Easier Labour Immigration
  • Parliament Decides On More Liberal Immigration Rules
N81 Monday, 2 April, 2001
  • Stoltenberg Steals Hagen's Bait
  • Kleppe Steals Old Liberal Tradition
  • Grass Root Movement to Ditch Centre Party
N80 Monday, 2 April, 2001
Codex Correctus
  • Useless Report from "Value Commission"
N79 Monday, 27 March, 2001
Johnny Be Bad!
  • John G. Bernander First Non-Labour Leader of State Broadcasting
  • Can't do his Job Without Getting His Hands Dirty
N78 Monday, 12 March, 2001
Just Splinters - Or "Religious Right"?
  • One or More New Splinter Parties
  • Not Likely to Attract Many Votes - But What if it Does?
  • A "Religious Right" Party From the South and West?
N77 Wednesday, 7 March, 2001
The Third Wave
  • Government and Majority Support "Tobin Tax" On Currency Transactions
  • Labour Leader Says Attac is Incredibly Positive
  • More than 100 Organisations Behind Attac Norway
N76 Monday, 5 March, 2001
Too Timid
  • Good, But Modest Advice from OECD
  • Policy Inconsistencies Evaded
  • Stability Vs Profitable Investment
  • Why Did OECD Forget Immigration?
N75 Tuesday, 27 February, 2001
Carpe Diem
  • Tax Reform Separated From 2002 Budget
  • Majority Sceptical to Progressive Tax On Capital Returns
  • Liberals Siding With the Right on Important Tax Issues
  • Threat Still There, Politicians May be Trapped by MoF Theory
N74 Friday, 16 February, 2001
Crossing the Thin Borderlines
  • Progress Party Dives In Sex Scandal
  • The Fine Borders Between Norwegian Values
  • Increased Uncertainty About Post-Election Government Situation
  • Carl I Hagen May Leave Office In 1-2 Years
N73 Monday, 5 February, 2001
  • Long Term Effects of Anti Racist Mobilization?
  • Could Facilitate Progress Party Clean-up
  • Labor Immigration Policy Likely to be Liberalized
N72 Friday, 19 January, 2001
The Party's Over
  • Conservative Party in Oslo Discusses Future of Political Parties
N71 Tuesday, 2 January, 2001
  • Climate Change to Decide Future Power Capacity, Deputy Minister Says