A News Commentary Service Published by Ramm Energy Partner.

 (B. 14 Apr 1950)

Professional background:
* Freelance journalist "Akershus Amtstidende" 1965-68
* Parliament lobby correspondent Oslo daily "Morgenbladet" 1968-71
* Executive leader Norwegian Young Conservatives "Yes to EC (EU)" campaign 1971-72
* Journalist, Conservative Press Agency 1971-72
* Military service as journalist in "Mannskapsavisa" (National Army Paper) 1973
* Information consultant Federation of Norwegian Industry 1973-74
* Permanent secretary, political research (finance, industry, petroleum,energy), Conservative Parliamentary Office 1974-81
* Deputy Minister, Ministry of Oil and Energy, 1981-83
* Special advisor, same Ministry, 1983
* Political advisor on Petroleum issues, Ministry of Finance, 1983-85
* Director of Political Research, Conservative Party, Oslo, 1985-86
* Editor-in-Chief, Norwegian Oil Review, 1990-1998
* Manager, Ramm Energy Partner (former name Ramm Kommunikasjon), 1986-

Customers, Ramm Kommunikasjon (individual customers normally confidential):
* Most Norwegian and international petroleum companies in Norway
* Several major and minor offshore suppliers
* Several law firms and consultant companies
* A major ship-owner
* Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
* The Norwegian Oil Industry Association
* The Federation of Local Government
* City of Oslo
* Conservative Party
* Kon-Kraft

Elected political offices:
* Chairman, Nesodden Young Conservatives, 1965-67
* Executive Board Member, Akershus Young Conservatives, 1968-69
* Chairman, Oslo Young Conservatives 1969-70
* Deputy Chairman, Norwegian Young Conservatives, 1971-75
* Member, Conservative Party Central Board, 1971-75
* Member, City Council of Oslo, 1975-83
* Alternate member, Executive Board to the City Council, 1979-83
* Member of Parliament short period 1985
* Alternate member of Parliament 1985-1989

Appointed public committee membership etc:
* Chairman, Licensing Board of Oslo, 1975-83
* Member, Board of Communication, Oslo, 1975-83
* Member, Board of Oslo Municipal Transport 1975-83
* Member, Board of Representatives, Den norske Creditbank 1978-81 (appointed by Parliament)
* Member, State Secretary Committee for Development of Northern Norway 1981-83
* Chairman, Co-ordination Committee for Petroleum Discoveries Outside Northern Norway, 1982-83
* Member, Executive Committee for Implementation of the National Budget and the Long Term Program, 1982-83
* Member, Gas Sales Contact Committee, 1983-85
* Member, National Broadcasting Council, 1986-93
* Several reference groups for petroleum tax reform

* Examen artium, majors in mathematics/physics, 1968
* Minor exams same majors, University of Oslo, 1968-71

Major project leaderships:
* President and Executive Leader, International Cambodia Hearing, Oslo 1978
* Project leader, "International marketing of Oslo", Oslo City Council,1986-88

Major research projects (not including confidential REP consulting projects):
* Conservative Party: Oljevirksomheten og Norges fremtid. Motmelding til St. meld. nr. 53 for 1979-80 om virksomheten på den norske kontinentalsokkelen. Utredning av Høyres oljepolitiske komite avgitt 18. mai 1981. (Medlem og eneste sekretær.) (The Petroleum Activites and Norway's Future. Response to Parliament Report #53 for 1979-80 about the activities at the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Report from the Conservative Party's Petroleum Policy Committee submitted 18 May, 1981. Norwegian language. Member and only secretary.)
* Conservative Party: Studies on Environment, Self-Owning Democracy, Ideology, Petroleum, Oslo as Finance Center; several platform committees, etc
* Non-socialist parties' joint election platforms 1977 and 1981. (Head of joint staff for all participating parties).
* Socio-economic effects of refugee integration (1988). Norwegian language.
* Exposing utilities in Oslo to competition and development of matching organisation (Oslo City Government 1989)
* The enlarged petroleum world, new E&P areas and improved framework conditions in other host countries (1991)
* Award Criteria for E&P Licensing (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy 2000)
* Evaluation of the Ministry of Finance's Petroleum Tax Study (Aker Maritime ASA 2000)
* Participation in several Kon-Kraft projects (2002-), hereunder member of the steering committees for the 2002 Capital Project and the 2003 Tax Study.
* Co-author (together with Stig Ellingsen and Tore Sandvold) of report from the Administrative Research Fund (AFF) of The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) analysing and benchmarking the knowledge capital in the Norwegian Petroleum Cluster (2003).
* Lead author, Kunnskap om kunnskap (Knowledge about Knowledge, about the value creation capability of the knowledge imbedded in the Norwegian petroleum cluster. Norwegian language), the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) and the Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals (Tekna) (2006).
* Co-author, with Sveinung Fjose, Atle Blomgren, Gjermund Grimsby, Martin Gjelsvik, and Erik W. Jakobsen: Ære være – vurdering av offshore leverandørindustris bidrag til økt ressursutnyttelse på norsk sokkel. (Evaluation of the Norwegian offshore supply industry's contributions to increased resource recovery at the NCS. Norwegian language.) Report prepared by Menon Business Economics, IRIS and og Ramm Energy Partner for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Submitted 11 January, 2011.

* "Vilje til frihet" (liberal-conservative ideology, Elingaard 1970, co-author)
* "Nå går alt så meget bedre" (four years of Willoch government, Atheneum 1985)
* "Oslo Wine & Dine Guide" (Leseselskapet 1987)
* "De var Furre vàr" (Genesis 1999)
* "The Demise of the Norwegian Diversity Paradigm: Innovation vs Internationalization in the Petroleum Industry." Essay in Gunnar Fermann (ed): Political Economy of Energy in Europe. Forces of Integration and Fragmentation. Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag 2009. Page 271-337.
* several antologies

* 1992 Offshore Northern Seas Press Prize
* 2008 Norwegian Petroleum Society Prize (NPF-prisen) for having contibuted to putting issues important to the industry on the national agenda.

Conservative Party, Norwegian Petroleum Society, Norwegian Polytechnical Association, European Movement, Helsinki Committee, Humanist-Ethical Association, NOAS - Organisation for Asylum Seekers etc

Board memberships:
NOAS (1989-95), Norwegian Oil Review A/S (1990-95), Exit forlag A/S (1995-), Leseselskapet A/S (1990-95), Unit Rig A/S (1990-94), Dovre Beredskap (1990-93), Norgeskraft A/S (1992-94), Oslo Petroleum Association (1993-99), Norwegian Petroleum Society's Research Fund (1993-).

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Tel +47 21902000 or +47 92805015.
(Former name Ramm Kommunikasjon).

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